USB 3.1

Receptacle Type C
Receptacle A

Receptacle Type C




plug & play

Receptacle A


Improved Contact + Shielding
design to support 10Gbps
and enhance EMI protection.

Reversible plug & play design
USB 3.1 compliant | 10Gbps
10,000 mating cycles


10Gbps Data Transfer rate.

Reversible Design.

Plug fits in both orientations.


10,000 mating cycles.

It's here and it’s great! The evolutionary mechanical design of the Type C Plug
means you don't have to worry anymore about how you insert the plug into the receptacle. It will
work either way around and therefore provides a unique USB-Feeling - as never experienced before!
Supporting USB 3.1, Type C will support a top speed of up to 10Gbps, which means a sustained speed of above 800MBs in both directions. And this is really fast.

And it's powerful : To charge your notebook, to supply power to any industrial application, through a single cable assembly. It's the future. And it is available now!

Alysium will implement USB 3.1 and the Type-C Standard into our unique A+ Industrial Standard Assembly family during 2015. This means, that Type C Assemblies will soon be available with our patented Screw-Bracket design, encased in a die-cast housing, giving your application every advantage of a robust and safe interconnection.

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