Dear Customer,

Please kindly note, that our factory located in Malaysia will be closed for Chinese New Year (public holidays) from January 24th until February 2nd.
Production will resume on February 3rd, 2020. Some subcomponent manufacturers, located in China, have longer shutdowns. Please factor the longer lead-times for production on order items during this period.

Coax Cable

MicroCoaxial designs for RF, flat panel displays, CCD camera and medical probe applications.

Typical coax sizes range from AWG28-46.

Robotic, High Flex and High Temperature Designs are available. Twinax and Parallel Twinax designs for various high speed applications, like multiplexing switching systems.

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Extended Length
High Flex Extreme
High Flex Moderate
High Temperature
Power Over Cable
Reduced OD
Smaller Plug Size
Water Proof

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