1394A / 1394B Assemblies

Alysium-Tech offers 1394 assemblies for Industrial Applications, which have superior capabilties and quality levels than products made for Consumer Electronics applications.

We offer Exended Length assemblies, eg 1394A to >30M* @ S400 and 1394B to >20M* @ S800, high temperature solutions (to 150C through the use of patented materials), assemblies for Clean Room applications, and a comprehesive range of HiFlex, Chain and Robot cables.

New product releases of "Extreme" rated high flex materials, allow even the most demanding of High Flex requirements to be fulfilled.

* stated length is suitable for Machine Vision applications, ie not just a transmitted picture, rather without any lost frames during transmission.


Please contact us for more information or send us an email at sales@alysium.com

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Extended Length
High Flex Extreme
High Flex Moderate
High Temperature
Power Over Cable
Reduced OD
Smaller Plug Size
Water Proof
Die Cast

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