Dear Customer,

Please kindly note, that our factory located in Malaysia will be closed for Chinese New Year (public holidays) from January 24th until February 2nd.
Production will resume on February 3rd, 2020. Some subcomponent manufacturers, located in China, have longer shutdowns. Please factor the longer lead-times for production on order items during this period.


Alysium-Tech offer external HDMI assemblies (and components) for Industrial and consumer products:


  • Compact, user-friendly design-meets consumer equipment needs.
  • 1.4 compatible
  • 5 Gbps bandwidth-supports ucompressed audio/video in a single cable.
  • HDMI-DVI cables-DVI backward compatible.
  • Mounting flange-protects solder joints; additional grounding.
  • Signal layout-low impedance mismatch.
  • Fully shielded-ESD protection.

Both passive and active assemblies are offered, to ensure that all application requirements can be fulfilled.

Please contact us for more information.

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