19.01.2011 - Miniflex3-BFN - Smallest Back-ZIF type FPC Connector in the world*

MINIFLEX3-BFN is a compact design Back-ZIF connector (developed and produced by I-PEX) for 0.3mm pitch FPC connection.
The mounting height is 0.9mm and so low profile.  It is mainly used for inner connection of small (mobile) devices. Advantage of the Back-ZIF type has been kept and not far behind from the smallest class of Front-Flip type.

With a Width of only 3.0mm (Actuator closed) it is actually the smallest class (Back-ZIF type) Connector in the world.(*1) The base projected area is reduced 45% compared with our previous product which allows flexible design of PCB.

* Confirmed by I-PEX Jan. 2011



  • 0.3mm pitch  low profile, compact space Back-ZIF type connector for FPC
  • Width: 3.0mm (Actuator closed) compact design
  • Small size but high reliability (the same reliability as the previous product)
  • Temporary FPC holding mechanism by LIF structure
  • Prevent Half-Lock with unique ACT design
  • Even low profile, applicable FPC thickness is 0.2mm. Easy operation and prevent a problem during the FPC insertion.
  • Prevention structure of contact distortion during the actuator operation
  • Both upper & lower conductor


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