08.11.2012 - Vision 2012 Report

We like the Vision show.

It continues to be the best opportunity to meet with friendly customers and partners from all
over globe, at the one location. An efficient way to exchange ideas, project details and
business opportunities!
We also had the chance to further introduce our new Corporate Image, which highlights clarity, quality and efficiency – the same traits we work to deliver daily.
Examples of how we extend our customers‘ competitive advantage by providing optimised or extra capability to machine vision systems, were the main emphasis of our display.


USB 3.0

µEye camera
cost optimised USB3.0 industrial assembly – courtesy of IDS
  Ace camera
USB3.0 angled termination (offset type) – courtesy of Basler
Flea3 camera
USB3.0 extended length assembly (to 10meters) – courtesy of Point Grey
  MQ013 camera
USB3.0 angled termination (up/down) – courtesy of Ximea
USB3.0 high flex assembly – courtesy of Framos
  Lumenera camera
active optical USB3.0 assembly to 20M length.


CameraLink (R)

  Ace camera
CL mini angled termination (offset type) – courtesy of Basler
Bonita camera
CL extended length solutions to 10M – courtesy of Allied Vision



   Ace camera
Horizontal ScrewLock plug & high flex “moderate” cable - courtesy of Basler
Dual Bus GigE assy with unified cable – courtesy of Matrix Vision
  Flea3 camera
RJ45 Plug with latch and screw locking – courtesy of Point Grey
  Custom camera
IP54+ (to IP67) termination (accepts also std cables)


1394 Fibre

      Stingray Ultra-Rugged GOF ass, with 2 LC single boot plug – courtesy of Allied Vision  



Angled termination and extended length cable – courtesy of Allied Vision

XCD-MV6 Reduced Size Plug and reduced OD cable – courtesy of JenCan  


Analogue / IO / Power Supplies

  w/o camera IP67 circular plugs. Also furcated assys (separation of power and signals).  


Medical Cable assemblies

  w/o camera Armoured hybrid CCD assembly for dental application.
Ultra-miniature coax cables (to AWG46!) for medical applications.


Hopefully we could continue to introduce our online cable configurator, which uniquely offers detailed technical specifications and stock availability information.
Thank-you again for your trust, business and new enquiries and projects!
Next exhibition is in Chicago in January, 2013 and of course we’ll see you next year again in Stuttgart (in September rather than November, 2013).