16.05.2022 - Alysium at IME West in April 2022

Alysium was in Anaheim for 3 days packed full with enjoyable discussions for exchanging ideas, project details and business opportunities. The ATX West was a great show to meet our partners, friends and new customers from all over the world, at a single location.

Once again, we received your positive feedback on our expanding A+ range of Industrial Assemblies. It was wonderful, to hear that our goal of providing products which address challenges and problems before they appear is being achieved. We hope this goes some way to reduce the stress associated with your daily business!

So, what was new this year?

Our A+ AOC range has been expanded to include 2nd generation products, operating at higher speeds. We also showcased a number of new cable assemblies:

  • Dalsa Nano BRJE straight and right-angle IO cables
  • CXP12
  • CLHS
  • Short body right angle M12

Our A+ Type C AOC Gen2 Assemblies made it just in time for the exhibition and will be available soon for purchase in standard lengths.

Type C terminations are already used today by many Camera Manufacturers and as usual, we have tried to identify possible challenges in advance and pro-actively offer you a suitable solution, going one step beyond existing Standards specifications. As an example, tolerance issues between (a) locking plugs and (b) receptacles (considering their positioning in the housings) are avoided using unique A+ properties perhaps even before you noticed that such issues could occur in your application(s)!

High-Flex optical CameraLinkHS® Assemblies were also on display, which combine longer cable lengths with a reliable optical engine in a future proof form. Although mechanically rugged, the successful development focus was electrical robustness and reliability. These cable assemblies are ready for purchase and we currently stock various cable lengths.

Finally, we also presented a new short body right-angle M12 cable: For many of our robotic customers space is always a concern. We managed to solve this issue with the smallest right-angle M12 x-coded termination on the market today.

Thanks again for the many chats and discussions, and staying in touch until the next exhibition!